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Considering Rescheduling Your Wedding?
Read These 3 Quick Tips First

1. Call Your Venue

Whether you rented a tent or reserved a wedding venue, we recommend getting in touch with your contact there. They will have expert advice as they have been diligently forecasting the rest of 2020, and we are confident that they are eager to help you weigh your options. Perhaps you won’t even need to postpone – maybe you are simply feeling nervous about the unknowns of the future and think rescheduling is the right option. It might not be a necessary move, and your event coordinator or event specialist is there to talk through your timeline and options with you to help decide what is best for you.

2. Remain Flexible

Try to keep an open mind when working with your vendors to reschedule. Understanding this is a sensitive matter, your vendors are here to assist and offer solutions. That said, though your original date may have landed on a Saturday, another Saturday later in the year is not a guarantee – and may not even be a possibility. Contemplate other days of the week such as a Monday, Thursday, Friday, or Sunday. Trust us, wedding pictures look the same on a Thursday, the food tastes the same on Monday, dancing is the same on a Tuesday! This will also give you a better chance of rebooking all of your original vendors, and, yes, your guests will still attend! They will be understanding and will still make your special day a priority on their calendars.

3. Rent a Tent!

If you’re looking to keep your Saturday, or if your venue has already filled up dates later in the fall, consider renting a tent and holding an outdoor, backyard wedding. Our tent and wedding specialists are available to help you incorporate your original theme and colors. With years of experience, and multiple tent styles with endless customizations, our team has tons of suggestions on how to still include your original ideas with this new route.































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