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Fall Event Trends We Are Currently Loving

With the autumn season officially here, we find ourselves anxiously awaiting cooler temperatures, moodier event themes, and all things pumpkin spice. As any transition from season to season goes, there are always new trends for events. Let’s take a look at what’s trending for fall 2020.

  • Mixed Metals

    We are big fans of utilizing multiple metals with deeper colors. Who said you have to stick to one kind? This look gives off an edgier, unique feel that is perfect for the season.

  • Darker Colors

    Okay, so this one might be a given. But we don’t think we’ll ever get over navy, eggplant, burgundy, and copper during this time of year. Can you blame us?

  • Colored Glassware

    We’ve seen this trend before, but it’s back in action for the cooler, autumn months! This time, we’re seeing deeper colors as opposed to the lighter pinks and purples.

  • Velvet Linens

    Velvet linens give your guests a cozy feel. This fabric is naturally thicker and softer, making it the perfect texture for your next fall event.

  • Assorted Chairs

    Alright, this trend is cool. Very cool. We’re super into the idea of utilizing different chairs and benches to create that “outdoor, sit with your apple cider around the bonfire” sort of feel.

  • Swooping Tents

    Flexx Night Tent

    Last but not least, this one just might be our favorite. We are tent experts, after all. 😉 Tidewater Tents are wonderful for this season as they still provide cool light effects as the evenings grow longer and darker. They’re also one of our most durable tents that do well in winter conditions. Add some walls and a heating package, and you’ve got the perfect, fall tented event.


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