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FLEXX Tips & Tricks

The event and tent rental industry is made up of a lot of logistics and moving parts. We understand that not everyone rents party equipment on a frequent basis, so we thought we would share a few of our quick tips and tricks in today’s blog!



First, let’s talk about some commonly confused things.

Though we will install and uninstall all larger rental items such as tents, stages, dance floors, event flooring, and lighting, we do not set up tables and chairs unless requested. Tables and chairs are delivered in neat stacks, and we request that they are re-stacked after your event prior to our pick-up. We are able to set up and/or take down tables and chairs for an additional fee per item, and we request a layout is provided for guidance. The cost to install larger rental items is included in their rental price.

Other items we do not set include linens and tableware, as these items arrive sanitized, wrapped, and/or in containers.

We do, however, assemble all cocktail tables, bars, picnic tables, and umbrellas. Item distribution is an additional fee and requires a set-up layout for guidance, as well.


To avoid damages to product in stormy weather, we advise that all umbrellas and patio heaters are disassembled and put away. Windy weather can tear them up, bend them, and knock them over, which is not covered by the damage waiver as it is considered negligence.

Patio heater giving you trouble? Here are our tricks to troubleshooting:

  • Ensure the propane tank is connected properly and turned on. If you do not hear gas flowing upon pressing down on heater knob, ensure the propane tank is connected tightly at the seam.
  • Turn the heater knob to “On” and press down; you will hear gas flowing. Immediately hold a lighter up to the ignition source at the top of the heater.
  • The heater will light, though continue holding the knob down for 30 seconds until the heater warms. If you let off the knob and the flame goes out, repeat the previous steps.

Higher winds can blow out the heater flame. If this happens, move it to a less windy area. Bumping into the heater can also extinguish the flame (this is a safety feature).


A final quick tip: Adding banners to our metal barricades can cause it to blow over in windy weather as it adds more resistance.


Have other questions? Visit our How It Works page here for more information on the rental process!


We look forward to your event!