FLEXX Productions

Giving Back to Our Communities

There will be parties again. There will be family gatherings. There will be concerts and sporting events and parades and festivals.

Though until then, we wanted to find ways in which we could help serve our nearby communities. As a locally owned business we – now more than ever – have recognized the importance of supporting other local businesses and charitable causes. We are grateful to have had many opportunities to assist several non-profit events throughout years past, and we wanted to reach out to our partners to see what we can do to aid them during this time.

Some of the first that came to mind were the food banks. We know that our friends in these places are working extra thoroughly and attentively through their rapid response programs. To thank them for all that they are doing during this difficult time, we offered a 20×20 Frame Tent and installation at no charge.

“We are so very thankful for partners like you! Even when you are hurting you are thinking of the community!! Wow!! We’d love it,” Mikaela Sandridge, Senior Community Engagement Manager for the Weld County Food Bank, wrote to us. “It would help protect our staff and volunteers.”

Colorado weather can be unpredictable, and creating secure, covered spaces by setting up outdoor tents allows peace of mind for your facility knowing you have taken all safety measures necessary to protect your team and those you serve. FLEXX also offers other essential rentals, including tableschairslightingclimate controltent flooring, and more.

Is there a way that we can support you? Please fill out our Donation Request Form and return it to us at info@flexxproductions.com. We’d love to discuss other areas where we can lend a hand.

We look forward to continuing to assist our communities.