FLEXX Productions

Now that you’ve seen all of the tent rentals available to you from FLEXX Productions, the best event rental company in Northern Colorado, it’s now time to decide. But how do you decide on a tent rental that will both meet your needs and be the style you need at the same time?

FLEXX Productions in Fort Collins offers amazing tent rentals for you to choose from. In addition, we also offer everything that goes underneath a tent, such as tables, chairs, and linen rentals. Below, we’ll offer up ideas on how to choose a tent rental. Contact us today to get started!



Think about where you are having your event. Is the space smaller so you can have an intimate setting? Is the space large, such as a local park or public area? Space sometimes will dictate the tent rental. For example, our clearspan tents and pole tents are large and can hold a lot of people. However, our frame tents are great for backyard gatherings.

Number of People

How many people will be in attendance? This often determines the size of your tent rental. All of our tents come in different sizes in order to accommodate your needs. Thus, when you call to reserve a tent rental with FLEXX Productions in Fort Collins, we can help you choose the size of tent you will need based on the expected number of guests in attendance.


Is your tent a gathering place? Is it a place where the food will be served? Will you set up a stage underneath the tent? The use of your tent rental will both determine size and style of tent as well. For example, you may just want a simple frame tent if you plan on serving barbecue underneath it, or you may want a larger pole tent for a gathering area.


Does your tent need to be weighted, or can it be staked into the ground where it is going? This will also help narrow down your options. 


FLEXX Productions, the best event rental company in Fort Collins, is here to help you choose your tent rental. We understand that most people have no knowledge of tent rentals, which is why we will answer all of your questions, discover your needs, and help you decide on the right style and size for your budget and needs. Our tent rental offerings are diverse and versatile, so no matter what you are looking to create, we can match that vision with the perfect tent rental for your needs.

In addition, we rent much more than just the tent. We also offer everything your event could need underneath the tent, from grills, china, and tables to chairs, decor, flatware, linen, and lighting. Our mission is to be your one-stop-shop for your event equipment rental needs. We have almost 20 years of helping our customers turn their vision into reality by offering them the perfect tent rental and equipment rental items. Our mission is to handle all of the logistics of your event rentals so that you can enjoy your event.

FLEXX Productions offers the highest-quality event equipment rentals for your next wedding reception, corporate event, high school graduation, anniversary party, or other celebratory event. Contact us today for booking information!