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  1. Establish a Budget System that Works for You

It is important to maintain a good system to not only keep you sane, but to keep track of all of your payments and their due dates. Reminders in phones, calendars, and planners are essential! There are also great online resources, such as budget calculators, that are great tools to help you understand how much you should be spending on certain items.

Keep In Mind Hidden Fees and Extra Charges

Overtime and after hours charges may apply if you need your vendors to stay late to clean up and tear down.

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Work into your budget your best guess as to what tipping your vendors will add up to, as well. And don’t forget about miscellaneous extras such as marriage license fees and wedding favors. Even if you’re unsure on whether or not you’ll be including certain items, go ahead and add them to your list. This will help you cut on costs of non-essentials later on (see the next bullet point for more tips!).

Though you may love the look of the more expensive flowers, consider whether you really want them. You may want to invest more of your dime into those gorgeous satin linens on your tables or into clear roof panels on your tent.

Understand Your Must Haves and Non-Must Haves

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Plan in Advance to Go a Bit Over Budget

There are some unforseens that may occur on your special day that it is important to be aware of. Some examples are backup weather needs such as heaters, an extra generator, paying for any damages to equipment, and forking up a bit more cash for your guests to dance for one more hour.

Ask the Experts

Inquire on how to cut costs with your vendors. As professionals in the fields, we know all the tips and tricks to help you watch your bottom dollar!

Track Your Spending

Some people use Excel sheets, others use bullet journals. Whether it’s on the computer or receipts saved in a folder, keeping tabs on all of your expenses will help you stay on top of your spending.