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Innovative Safety Precautions for 2020 Weddings and Events


This year has certainly presented us all with challenges. Within our industry, many events have been postponed or cancelled altogether. Staying at home is making lot of us a little antsy! And many are stressed and saddened over special occasions that aren’t occurring the way as originally planned. Through it all, the event industry has certainly turned toward creativity to make adjustments to procedures in all areas in order to ensure safe event practices for future gatherings.

For those of you who have chosen to postpone and recreate your event this fall or winter, we are here to assist and provide expert guidance. Below are our top tips for designing a safe event.


What You Can Do

  • Opt for an “e-vite” instead of a traditional mail invitation, and make sure your attendees feel comfortable by including your local government’s guidelines. This will let them know that safety is of the utmost importance and that you are working to cover all safety protocols.
  • Scale down your guest count to those most important and make sure to spread them out, or consider making seating charts to be by household and/or family unit as those individuals have likely already been around one another.
  • A tip for weddings: Think about a “shift wedding”.If the couple wants to include more guests than are allowed to be together at any one time, filter them in and out!
  • For photos, position people in the foreground and background, and utilize different heights (like stairs!) to fit as many in as possible when desired.
  • Utilize larger tables to spread guests out. FLEXX carries large 6’ round, 8’ banquet, and 8’ Napa farm tables that are ideal for creating space between everyone.
  • Create a floor plan that incorporates smaller dance floors that are spread throughout the space.
  • Have your event outside in the fresh air and add hand sinks to your outdoor space.
  • Either choose grab and go food boxes or a plated dinner over a buffet line.
  • To deter groups from congregating at the bar, have bottles of wine and/or carafes of signature cocktails at each of the tables.
  • As opposed to a more traditional guest book, leave a box with a slot or a large envelope, as well as pens (one for each guest to take with them for sanitization purposes – and customize them with your event date!) and pieces of paper at each guests’ seat for them to write a note and leave it in a designated box at the end of the night (the couple can read through them after letting them sit for a few days).

Photos by Caitlin Steuben Photography

What FLEXX is Doing

  • All technicians and event specialists are required to wear face masks during site visits and event installations/strikes.
  • Hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes provided in each company vehicle for employees upon entering and exiting job sites.
  • Product is immediately unloaded for proper cleaning before restocking.
  • No-contact payments taken over the phone.
  • Only (2) visitors at a time for in-office scheduled meetings to allow for proper social distancing (masks must be worn at all times).
  • Full office and warehouse cleaning is conducted at the end of each business day.

For further information on our safety precautions for deliveries and customer will-call orders, please connect with an event specialist.


Though this year looks different, our team is here for you on your solution for a safe and successful event!