FLEXX Productions

At FLEXX Productions, we are constantly working to improve our processes to ensure that our clients have the best rental experience possible. We know events can be hectic, logistics can be confusing and special events can be stressful.

Our focus at FLEXX is to take the stress out of planning while providing quality rental products and support from a team of experienced event experts.

How do we do this?

For starters, we spend a ton of time visiting other event rental companies (like EventQuip, an event rental company in Pennsylvania, that we recently visited). We do this so that we can learn about the solutions that other entrepreneurs have created within our industry and to ensure that we, as a team, are doing everything that we can to be the best rental company in northern Colorado.

Another way that we ensure a positive client experience is through the use of Point of Rental Software. The FLEXX team recently attended a Point of Rental Software conference, where Phil, Jessica, Kara and Jenna were all caught on camera!

Check out what Phil has to say about Point of Rental: