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4′ Round Table



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Ideal for any function, casual or formal, this 4’ round table can be used for a variety of purposes.

  • Choose one of our linens to add to the visual appeal of your event.
    • 90” (3/4 Length) or
    • 108” (Floor Length)
  • This four-foot round table rental is able to fit six people comfortably, and up to eight if you squeeze in!
  • With foldable legs, this table is easy to set up for your event as well as pack it up when the party’s over.

FLEXX Productions has everything you need for your upcoming event in Northern Colorado! No matter the size of your event, you’re going to need tables! Whether for seating your guests or to be used as cake tables, this four-foot round table will get the job done! Make sure to add to your wishlist now and continue shopping for all of your event rental needs!


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