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6′ Round Table



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This six-foot round table is perfect for larger events that require you to seat a sizable amount of guests.

  • Linen Size: 108” (Lap Length), 120” (3/4 Length), or 132” (Floor Length)
  • The six-foot table rental is able 10 guests comfortably and up 12 people if your guests don’t mind getting close.
  • Perfect for weddings, corporate events, graduation parties, and more!
  • We have a wide selection of linens for you to choose from to drape over the table.

You’d be surprised with how many people forget some of the most important items for an event, like tables! Don’t worry, FLEXX Productions has what you need. This six-foot round table rental will help you comfortably seat your guests and make sure that your event goes on without a hitch. Add to your wishlist now and be sure to continue shopping to ensure that you aren’t forgetting anything!



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