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Cotton Candy Machine

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Satisfy the sweet tooth of your guests by adding this cotton candy machine to the dessert table!

  • This party rental will be a smash at your event, for kids and adults alike.
  • We have multiple flavor options for you to choose from.
  • This machine is portable, convenient, and makes delicious cotton candy.

There is a reason that cotton candy has remained a favorite dessert after so many years — it’s delicious! Really enhance the dessert table at your event by renting this cotton candy machine. Everyone at the party will be glad that you did! Add to your wishlist now.

  • Cotton Candy Bags – $15.00/95 bags
  • Cotton Candy Cones – $1.75/25 cones
  • Cotton Candy Floss-Blue – $10.00/each
  • Cotton Candy Floss-Cherry – $10.00/each
  • Cotton Candy Floss-Grape – $10.00/each
  • Cotton Candy Floss-Strawberry – $10.00/each
  • Cotton Candy Floss-Vanilla – $10.00/each


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