FLEXX Productions

IMG_3558“Never Stop Learning, Because Life Never Stops Teaching”

Last week, Rick, Lexi, Phil and Jessica boarded a plane for Pennsylvania to visit EventQuip, an award winning event rental company providing dependable event infrastructure for functions and events that span the eastern United States.  EventQuip has won six world-class awards for their work and is famous in the event rental-world for providing creative solutions without compromising expectations.

So… why did FLEXX visit EventQuip?

Well, that’s easy. To learn more about what makes the 30-year-old success story tick. Starting with as little as two tents and 20 tables, EventQuip’s roots are very similar to FLEXX’s (we did, after all, start operations out of Phil’s garage).

Here are a few takeaways the FLEXX team came home with:

  • Safety always comes first. This includes the safety of employees and guests. It’s imperative to provide a clean, safe, weather resistant venue so that the other elements can fall into place.
  • Communication is key. There’s nothing more frustrating to a customer than when a company sets unrealistic expectations and then fails to deliver. Be upfront about what you have available, what’s extravagant things are actually possible and how much putting together their dream event is actually going to cost them.
  • Details make the difference. EventQuip is proud to say that their success is due in large part to the fact that they are extremely detail oriented, down to the screws in their tents.
  • The client comes first. While communication and honesty are important, it is key to understand that an event planner’s creativity should not be limited by their rental partner’s ability to deliver. It is the rental partner’s responsibility to establish creative solutions and manage every detail of the project.

IMG_3557The team at EventQuip also gave us some practical advice on how to avoid the plateau and continue to expand in order to better serve our clients. The FLEXX team is excited about what the future holds for us and we’re thankful to have an open-minded, passionate team of event experts.

A BIG Thank You to EventQuip Owner, Ed Knight (pictured with Phil) for the hospitality. From greeting us with warm, fresh pretzels to taking us for authentic Philly Cheesesteaks, we had a great time getting to know you and your team!