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fort collins tent rentals

Looking for “Tent Rentals Near Me”?

Planning ahead for next year? Trying to determine which tent rental you need? Searching for “tent rentals near me” with no luck? You’ve hit the jackpot here! At FLEXX Productions, we’re proud to offer amazing tents of all sizes. 

Since every event is different, FLEXX Productions offers Fort Collins tent rentals of all shapes and sizes to meet each customer’s individual needs. FLEXX Productions has been serving Northern Colorado for over 17 years, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our tents. Take a peek at some of our best tent rentals below! After reading through this blog, you’ll no longer have to worry about searching for “tent rentals near me” again.

fort collins tent rentals

Frame Tents

Frame tents are used for a wide range of events. Weighted or staked, these tents are commonly seen at festivals, graduation parties, backyard barbecues, tailgates, and more. These small peaked tents can also be connected to other frame tents, increasing the size of your event space! 

The sizes range from 10 feet, 15 feet, or 20 feet wide, and the length of the setup can be as large as your event space needs. We also have the hexagon shape tent as seen above!

fort collins tent rentals

Pole Tent

The Pole Tent is traditional and classically designed to inspire celebration, and it is staked into the ground and held up by center poles. Our Pole tents have the familiar look to them that most think of when they think of event tents, and they remind most Coloradans of the Denver International Airport! Our Pole tents are ideal for any gathering, whether you use them to cover your summer backyard dinner, non-profit park fundraiser, stunning wedding reception, or graduation celebration.

Our Pole Tents are adaptable, and we have a variety of sizes! Measuring from 30 feet long up to 120 feet long, there’s an option for your event no matter how big or small it is!

fort collins tent rentals

Tidewater Tents

Our Tidewater Tents are a twist on the classic pole tent, fashioned with a durable, translucent sailcloth material, making it a whimsical, dreamy alternative for your outdoor event. Its shaped peaks, rounded edges, and translucent fabric give it an airy feel, allowing natural light to enrich daytime events. The Tidewater also glows when lit for evening gatherings, so it is a great tent option for hosting a night event. And with its exquisite waterproof and resilient fabric, your special day will not be affected by the elements.

We have two different width sizes in our Tidewater Tent, covering both 32-foot- and 44-foot- profiles. The lengths for both of these tents vary between 30 feet to 83 feet long. This tent only has the option to be staked into the ground!

One of the great things about the Tidewater Tent, and really, all of our tents, is the ability to attach solid walls and window walls. The ability to add walls to our beautiful tents makes it great for hosting events and keeping out any light disruptive wind! For safety, we also always recommend that if there are heavy or high winds, the walls are to be opened to allow wind to flow through the tent and not create a barrier for the wind gusts to get trapped.

fort collins tent rentals

Clearspan Structure Tents

If you are looking for our most versatile tent, look no further! Clearspan Structure Tents are the way to go! These tents can be staked or weighted and get their name because they are “clear” underneath with their open floor plan, meaning there are no center poles in the tent. No center poles means there is lots of room to play around with layout for dance floors, tables, chairs and ultimately your guests!

These tents come in an extensive range of sizes adding to their flexibility and versatility. As small as 20′ wide to 98′ wide and beyond. The length of these tents are just as vast and your imagination sets the limit.

Clearspan Tents are engineered to withstand extreme weather. If you are looking for a heated winter tent, this is a great go-to option.

Clear roof panels can be added to the 40′ wide profile, which can add natural light to your event! The following is important to keep in mind if considering a clear top tent.  Clear top tents have a high potential of getting very warm due to the greenhouse effect while the sun is out. Keep dance floors covered at all times before and after your event when the sun is out, and take caution before placing flowers and cake under the tent while it is daytime (to avoid wilting flowers and melting of the cake). It is recommended to keep some walls open for air flow to help keep the tent cool.

fort collins tent rentals

Ready to book your “tent rentals near me”?

We would love to help you book your tent for your upcoming event. Reach out to us by calling us at 970-223-1195 or filling out our contact form today. Let’s make your outdoor event incredible and memorable, all under a beautiful tent!

fort collins tent rentals