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FLEXX is here to help you decide!

Planning an event and not sure which type of tent to go with? For the best collection of beautiful, clean and durable tents and structures combined with our experienced staff, FLEXX has got you covered!

As we continue our event season, we wanted to give our customers a bit of insight into our tent options. Our most popular styles for weddings and corporate events are Pole and Structure Tents. While all of our tents are crafted with the same high quality materials, there are some key differences between them.

A structure tent, or clearspan tent, is the right tent for any year-round event. These durable aluminum frame structures have a house or European look to them that can be both grand and romantic. Engineered to withstand extreme inclement weather, the structure tent will suit any event needs and requirements.

  • Benefits of a structure tent

    These can be staked into the ground or weighted
    Retain heat very well
    Walls and lighting can be added
    Clear, open structure with no poles to obstruct your event

Many of our rental customers prefer not to have center poles if they are putting something large under the tent, want to preserve site lines under the tent or are using it for a wedding ceremony where they don’t want poles in the middle of the aisle. Structure tents are fantastic for long-term storage. A great winter tent!

Pole tents are more traditional and classically designed, with big peaks. The FLEXX pole tents have a similar look of most event tents you are familiar with. For most Coloradoans, a pole tent may remind you of the Denver International Airport.

  • Benefits of a pole tent

    Staked into the ground
    Budget friendly
    Walls and lighting can be added
    Aesthetically pleasing due to the high peaks

Pole tents are perfect for smaller events like a backyard dinner, graduation celebration or wedding reception.

Please contact us with any questions about our structure or pole tents, or if you would like to see a formal quote on either option!