FLEXX Productions

We’ve searched around and have found some new or re-invented catering ideas that we think we’ll see more of in 2011:

  • 1. A rise in middle eastern influences. Falafel, couscous, hummus and other traditional ethnic foods are likely to become more evident in 2011 menus
  • Cooking classes as social gatherings. With shows such as ‘Ready, Steady, Cook’ and ‘Masterchef‘ being as popular as they are, it’s not surprising to that 2011 is likely to see an increase in group cooking classes and other social food experiences. Event attendees want to learn something they can take home with them after the event and it’s also a great way to break the ice and socialize.

  • Unique serving methods. Architectural food, non-traditional serving platters, edible centre pieces and themed feeding stations will open the imaginations of caterer’s in the coming year and consequently add to the overall experience


  • A heath conscious approach to food. 2011 will further see chef’s creating delicious meals with healthier alternatives. Due to the fact so many people also have food allergies (such as the need to eat gluten-free, for example), many events sh0uld cater to these dietary needs. We hope more will next year!


  • ¬†Mixing and incorporating global flavors. A new trend that is becoming more popular is mixing global flavours with traditional foods.