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In 2017, we saw lots of warm metal tones, strong accents of greenery, rustic furnishings, and overall unique decor pieces such as posh lounge areas. What will the bridal trends be this year? FLEXX has done the research – keep on reading to see what the popular wedding decor trends will be in 2018!

Ultra Violet Inspiration

If you haven’t heard, the Pantone color of the 2018 is ultra violet! We can expect to see this color popping up everywhere and inspiring brides this season as purple with reign this year.

pantone color of the year

“Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.”

We are excited to see something a little more bold and daring this year, and there are tons of ways to incorporate this into your day without it feeling over the top or too trendy. We suggest adding in purples as pops of color to your tables – you can check out our linen collection here!

Another one of our favorite ways to bring a little life to the party with this tone is through colored LED lighting. These lights can be set to a standard white glow during dinner, but once it’s time for the dancing they can easily be turned over to those more purple hues.

Flowers will never go out of style when it comes to wedding decor. So if you’re looking to stay more neutral with your linens and lighting, add ultra violet, plum, mauve, and eggplant colors to your floral design.

Cool-Toned Metallics

Last season, gold, rose gold, and copper were the sought-after metals of choice. This year, we’re ready for it to switch up a bit. We’re excited to see couples bring silver and chrome back into the scene.

FLEXX Featured Product: Silver Chiavari Chairs

FLEXX’s Silver Chiavari chairs are an elegant and classic way to bring silver to your ceremony and reception. Our Silver Rim China,  Silver Charger Plates , and Silver Pearl Flatware lines are other ways to include these cooler metals.


Hanging and Floating Florals

The ultra violet color palette brings with it a touch of whimsy, and with this we are seeing a lot of hanging and floating flower arrangements as centerpieces. We’ve seen a few of these at weddings toward the end of 2017, but we are excited to see this style continue to flourish (pun intended!) in 2018. FLEXX is a big fan of the way these creative displays add height to a space. It also creates more room on your tables to add other fun decor pieces.

Translucent Touches

One of the most exciting trends for us is the way see-through details are being added to these special occasions. Clear top tents are going to be hugely popular in 2018 – and don’t worry, FLEXX has got you covered there! Modern venues with tall windows will also be booking out quickly this year, and one of our favorites is located here in Fort Collins, Windsong Estate.