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“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Why not take advantage of this magical time and have your wedding during this time!

Many wedding reception venues are already decorated for Christmas, so you can  take advantage of those holiday decorations. Many venues will be the first to recommend that the bride and groom use their Christmas decorations, saving everyone time and work.

It’s very easy to adapt wedding invitations to the holiday season, you can simply use UNICEF holiday cards, incorporate Christmas details into your wedding invitations or even use good old Christmas cards that are everywhere this time of year. If you’re having a religious ceremony, using religious Christmas cards for the wedding invitations or any other wedding card (place cards for example) could be a very nice touch.

Other great Christmas details to include in the wedding invitations are snowflakes, Christmas trees, stockings, Santa hat, among others. You don’t always have to settle for a green and red decoration if you’re having a Christmas wedding you can also go for gold which, besides being warm and luxurious, is also very representative of the holiday season.

Candles are a must and the centerpieces can be composed of beautifully wrapped gifts, floral arrangements with pinecones and moss or glass jars filled with Christmas candy and other goodies.

Surprise your guests and present them with a Christmas wedding menu that reinvents a traditional Christmas lunch or dinner.  You can even include all the traditional ingredients and desserts, but with a modern and unexpected touch.

Since Christmas is synonymous of presents and gift giving, it�s virtually perfect for wedding favors: Christmas ornaments, holiday candles or delicious sweets all beautifully gift-wrapped. Another great idea is setting up a Christmas tree and hanging all the wedding favors from it with a little sign that asks guests to pick one up before they leave.

Merry Christmas and Happy Wedding Planning!