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In the age of Pinterest inspired weddings, we all know that feeling of coming across a Pin and saying, “Wow, I wish I did that at my wedding!” Even though wedding season is in full swing for some, there’s still time to add creative & surprising finishing touches to your wedding. Rather than spending hours on Pinterest when you can be out picking flowers or tasting cake, we’ve put together a few of our favorite ideas for you. Whether it’s something simple to honor the people sharing this day with you or fun games for the wedding party, here are a few of our favorite things:

Have a live wedding painter capture your ceremony. Consider asking an artistically inclined friend or family member who might be attending the wedding anyway. This will be a great addition to the beautiful wedding photos you’ll get from a professional photographer and something really special you get to share with the artist. 

live wedding painter


Build your own wheel of fun with “prizes” for your guests. This is a fun, interactive way to get the reception and dance party started. Consider creative “prizes” such as bridge & groom kiss, dance with your daughter, take a selfie with the person next to you or give an impromptu toast! Your wheel doesn’t need to be extravagant, just functional.  

wedding wheel of fun


Provide coasters that help your guests keep their drinks while dancing. Not everyone is exceptionally skilled at holding a drink while dancing and not spilling, so give your guests an alternative without the fear of coming back to an empty table. These cute coasters also make great “take home” pieces that can include your names, your wedding date & even a fun phrase like “Friends don’t let friends dance alone.” 

wedding coasters


Provide guests with “to go” boxes so they can bring cake home for the kids or to enjoy the next morning. Your guests will really appreciate that you’re thinking of them on your special day!

to go wedding boxes


Include a space on your RSVP cards where guests can request songs to play at the reception – even guests that can’t make it can contribute! Your guests will be thrilled when they hear “their jam” play at your wedding reception. Have fun & get creative with this by writing prompts such as “I promise to dance if you play…” or “This song gets my feet moving…” or “If I were the DJ, I would play…”



Create a piñata filled with notes from your wedding guests. At the entrance to your reception, have pieces of paper and pens ready to go along with a sign letting guests know your plan. Ask them to write a joke, a note, a prediction, words of wisdom etc. Wait to burst open your piñata until your 1 year anniversary! If you don’t have the time to create a real piñata, consider using an antique treasure chest or time capsule that you can stash away for a year. 

wedding piñata


Of course, there are hundreds of other ideas available on Pinterest but these are just a few of our favorite creative & surprising wedding ideas. We love these all of these ideas since they are super personal to both you and your guests. No matter what you do, your guests will appreciate being such a large part of your big day. Do you have any other ideas to add?