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Are you ready to put on an event but you don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry – the teams from Jolly Events and FLEXX Productions are partnering up to help you!

Before we get to work, start by choosing a theme for your event. We understand this can be a tough decision so we’ve provided you with some popular ideas fit for all kinds of celebrations. For weddings, galas, corporate events or birthday parties, this year’s favorites include:

  • A Wild West wedding with wildflower bouquets and leather accents
  • Your own Coachella concert experience featuring earthy undertones and bright accents
  • A glowing starry night atmosphere created with candles, blue uplighting and dark drapes
  • A night at the Oscars with a VIP entrance and red carpet for a Hollywood feel
  • A secret garden party with lights, pastels and trailing ivy – perfect for Colorado’s sunny days!
  • A Roaring Twenties celebration completed with a jazz band and a champagne tower

Explore these suggestions or brainstorm ideas of your own with Jolly Events by your side. Once your event’s theme is set in place, FLEXX Productions will cover the details from the tent to the equipment and amenities. And it only gets better – you can receive first rights and 10% off exclusive rentals for your big day!

View More: http://moriahriona.pass.us/modernwhimsical


FLEXX Productions and Jolly Events want you to have a picture-perfect event that will be remembered for years. If you would like more inspiration, or you’d just like view our past collaborative efforts, check out some of our favorite photos from our recent style shoots with Jolly Events.

For any other questions or concerns, call FLEXX Productions at 970-223-1195. We look forward to helping you plan and execute your event every step of the way!