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It wasn’t too long ago that disposable cameras littered wedding reception tables or ceremony chairs. If a bride and groom wanted to see their wedding day from a guest’s point of view, they would just hand out one-use cameras.  With the birth of smart phones and hashtags though, weddings, parties, and events can be captured like never before.

Most commonly used for weddings, hashtags are the new way to capture an event with little to no effort. By combining the name of the bride and groom, wedding guests can tag the event when posting a photo on social media. An event hashtag needs to be decided before the event so the guests know what phrase to tag, but this information is easy to include on invitations or a wedding blog.

A hashtag can include the names of the bride and groom, the specific date, or a catchy wedding phrase such as ‘I Do,’ ‘Forever,’ or ‘Tie the Knot.’ Just make sure to add a unique flare to set the hashtag apart from other couples who may have the same name.

wedding hashtags

Examples of wedding hashtags:


Hashtags are not only a great way to capture weddings, but other important events like baby showers, graduations, or birthday parties. By informing guests to hashtag the event when posting photos to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, all images are grouped together online.

So forget paying to develop film from disposable cameras and start #hashtagging your parties and events! It allows you to see the occasion from guests’ perspectives and you will have more pictures to save and choose from!