FLEXX Productions

Here at FLEXX, we love collaborating with other vendors in the event world to create stunning events, elaborate weddings, fun corporate parties, and more. Today we would like to highlight one of our newest industry partners, Mike & Mer Photography!

Mike’s favorite photo he has taken.

As a married couple, this dynamic duo knows the ins and outs of bringing warmth and authenticity to their shoots. The pair met in Chicago at–you guessed it–a wedding! Mer instantly knew that Mike was the one once they held hands on the drive home, because their hands just fit perfectly together. Her mother always told her that she would know when a man was right because it would feel right, similar¬†to her own experience when she met Mer’s father. Cue sappy “awws” here.

We asked them about how they became interested in photography as well as their background in the field. Mike was the first to have a true passion for the art, which began years back. He started taking pictures on his own followed with classes and watching online tutorials. Roping Mer in was the easiest part, and building their own business was the obvious next step. In Mer’s experience as a bride, she wanted to find a photographer that made her feel comfortable and relaxed but also had an idea for the shoot. It was important for her to have someone flexible who would take the shots she wanted, making the process easy and stress free. From this experience, she learned that as a photographer having a plan of action is essential in capturing both the planned shots while still allowing the small unplanned moments to fall into place.

Based on their experiences, the couple created their “husband & wife” photography business. They stand out to us because they use their clients and their stories to inspire the relatable and warm moments they capture.¬† Mike & Mer’s photo shoots also have a fun and cheerful atmosphere with the aid of upbeat music playing on the side to fit the occasion, allowing them to catch true candid moments.

Mer’s favorite photo she’s taken.

FLEXX was thrilled that Mike & Mer took our new team portraits (you can meet our team here) and we couldn’t recommend them enough! Please check out their website at www.mikeandmerphotography.com. Though based here in Fort Collins, the two are always willing to travel and up for an adventure. Make sure to give them a call to get them on your books… their schedule is filling up fast!