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Takeaways From the Royal Wedding
If you’re at any stages of planning a wedding, you certainly turned an eye toward Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s wedding. While planning an event with on tenth of the royal wedding is an outlandish fantasy for most couples, there are still a lot of takeaways you can borrow for your special day.

The Cake: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are already credited for changing the wedding-cake game. Its rough icing gave it a beautifully textured look that stepped away from the trend of naked cakes or fastidiously iced deserts. And the décor? Decorating with freshly cut flowers adds a dose of elegance to the cake. We also loved the incorporation of classic gold dishware and white linens that made up their tablescapes. We’ve already had some brides incorporate this into their themes!

The Bouquet: Prince Harry famously personally selected every blossom that appeared in his bride’s bouquet. Sure, the gesture’s romantic, but it’s also a trend wedding planners have been channeling for a while: personalization. Everyone wants their special day to be truly special, but putting a personal twist on your proceedings adds another opportunity to make your day special. Talk to Flexx Productions’ Event Specialists for tips on how to put your own spin on your ceremony.

The BouquetBreaking with Tradition: Sharp-eared observers noticed that the formal “thee” and “thou” were swapped for “you,” a much more contemporary and relatable pronoun. And Megan’s absent bridesmaids? Maybe she didn’t want to deal with the drama. Either way, the couple showed that even a royal wedding could break with tradition and be classy. Our team of experts are here to help you think out of the box, whether you want a rustic Colorado wedding or a wine lover’s affair.

There’s no reason you can’t feel like royalty at your wedding, especially now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex modernized the affair. While navigating tradition and your style is a personal decision, Flexx Productions is here to help you plan and execute a wedding fit for a princess.