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Let’s be honest, record-breaking heat + outdoor weddings don’t really go hand in hand. No matter how light and flowy your dress is, you just can’t stop sweating and dreaming about air conditioning. While outdoor summer weddings are romantic and unique, they can be really tough to execute but not impossible! Whether you’re hosting or attending a summer wedding, we’ve got some tricks to help keep you cool, calm and collected.


For Brides: Put a Cool Drink in Their Hand
Champagne is wonderful, but there is certainly a time and place to enjoy it. While it might sound refreshing after slowly melting during a ceremony, it will actually leave your guests feeling hotter and more uncomfortable. Instead, consider providing pitchers of fruit-infused ice water at the entrance of your outdoor ceremony or reception. Fruit-infused waters with watermelon, cucumber and mango can actually really help reduce body temperatures. Your guests will thank you and will be better prepared to enjoy your special moment.

For Brides: No Burnt Legs
Metal and wooden chairs are 100% in right now but they’re not the most comfortable when it’s 100 degrees outside. Do your guests a favor and splurge on some fabric cushions so no one ends up with burnt legs or butts when they take a seat.

For Brides & Guests: Avoid Any Form of Liquid Makeup 
You might feel like you’re melting but you certainly do not want you makeup to reflect that. Consider sticking with powder-based makeup and you’ll avoid those frequent trips to the restroom to touch up your foundation or bottom mascara. If you have room in the budget, consider the option of a professional makeup artist who can use airbrush makeup (like the celebs use) on your face since it’s sweat-, water- and even tear-proof!

For Brides & Guests: Sunglasses Are a Must-Have 
Brides: your guests are always looking for fun ways to remember your special day, so why not provide them with some custom sunnies? Add your names or initials along with your wedding date to give your guests something to take home with them to remember the day. If sunglasses don’t really fit your theme, chic parasols or vintage fans are cool too!
Guests: be prepared! If you know you’re going to an outdoor wedding, pack the essentials – sunglasses and sunscreen. You don’t want to miss a moment of this special day because you’re blinded by the light!

For Brides: Create a Sweat-Survival Kit 
Get together with your bridal party before the wedding to create a sweat-survival kit! Some essentials to include are face blotters, sunscreen, travel-size deodorant, baby wipes and some touch-up foundation. The groom and his groomsmen can even make their own. Obviously, you can’t carry the kit with you down the isle so be sure you know where it is for post-wedding touch ups.

For Brides & Guests: Pull Your Hair Back 
Does anyone leave the house in the summer without a hair tie? For outdoor moments, whether it’s for the ceremony or cocktail hour, have hair ties nearby for the women who want to go with a quick and temporary up do. Brides, your guests will be pleasantly surprised if they find a pack of hair ties in the bathroom and will love you more than they already do!

For Brides: Embrace DIY Water Misters 
Renting a giant water mister may not be in your budget and it may make your wedding venue look not as classy as you’d like. Instead, create DIY water misters that you can hide under each chair during the outdoor portion of your wedding. Simply purchase mini mister bottles from the dollar store and print labels with your wedding information for another cute, memorable keepsake.

Outdoor summer weddings are amazing but you want to make sure everyone involved has an enjoyable time. If you’re planning on having both an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception, we highly recommend renting a tent in order to have a no-nonsense shaded area for those guests that may not be able to stand the heat. We can provide you with fans to help maintain a “cool down” station. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to embrace the outdoors and provide your guests with the necessary items to have a great time on your special day!