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Top 5 Summer Wedding TrendsWhether you’re planning a classic June wedding or holding out until deeper into the summer, getting married in the summer opens a wide range of options for your special day – and is full of a lot of ways to stay up on summer wedding trends to wow your guests.

Picnic Style SeatingPicnic-Style Dining: While formal, assigned seating has become the norm for outdoor receptions, some couples are embracing the outdoor theme more than ever with picnic-style seating. Long banquet-style tables offer a more informal dining experience (and spare you the hassle of assigning seating). Serve from food carts with help from a banquet server, and let guests find their own seat.

Indoor/Outdoor Events: Unpredictable weather makes planning outdoor weddings risky, and couples typically develop a Plan B for an indoor ceremony and reception. Astute planners are incorporating unpredictability into their plans, and choosing spaces that have indoor and outdoor options always available. Rather than using the indoor portion of your site as a backup, incorporate it into your plan. Give guests a couple areas with different yet unified décor to make your wedding stand out. Some of our favorites are at The Preserve at Bingham Hill.

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses: A bridesmaid dress doesn’t need to look like a uniform. Select a shade (and provide a sample) and let your wedding party shop for dresses themselves. They’ll love you for it, and the mismatched look is totally on trend for 2018.

Vivid Color Palettes: Summer fashions usually trend toward bright colors, and that sensibility is spilling over to wedding planning. Recent weddings are ditching the pastels for bold colors. Emily Rose Floral Designs can help you develop a brightly colored bouquet to match your vivid color scheme.

Less Social Media: A couple years ago you couldn’t plan a wedding without generating a ladder of comedic hashtags. These days, more couples than ever are breaking away from their social media addiction to focus on being more present at their big day. We’d say #GreatIdea, but that’s really just one of 2016’s summer wedding trends.