FLEXX Productions

We’ve researched upcoming trends for 2011, and these will be the hot colors for 2011 weddings:

Spring into


Apple green, mauve, lilac, hot pink, slate grey,  aged gold, coral, red, violet purple, mocha / chocolate / brown, navy, emerald / pine green / dark cyan, clementine orange, and yellow.

Fall through


Dark chocolate, dark charcoal gray, sangria/brick red, myrtle (dark) green, dark tangerine, dark chestnut, asparagus, purple, dark midnight green, deep blue, Persian green, mocha taupe, agate blue, amazon green, scallop shell, moccasin, olivine green, khaki, carrot orange, oyster gray, gray taupe, and antique white.

Favorite Color Combinations

TheKnot.com highlights some of it’s favorite pairings: red accented with greens; blue accented with shades of pink; pink and white; yellow and green; black and white; pink and black; pink and green; and a creamy pink with gold In conclusion – We think we’ll see lots of fun combinations and BRIGHT colors!