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If you know someone who has planned a wedding before, you know that “wedding brain” is a real thing. In a whirlwind of excitement, stress and anticipation brides inevitably forget a few things – it’s normal! However, to help lessen the stress of putting together the perfect wedding, we’ve put together a list of tasks and items that brides tend to forget or handle at the last minute. Remember to not be too hard on yourself if these things do slip your mind because after all, you’re getting married soon!


wedding to do

  1. Bring Your Marriage License: Be sure to check with the jurisdiction where your ceremony will take place about any deadlines for applying for your marriage license and take of any other special documentation that is required to complete your application. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your documents together to make sure the process is as efficient as possible.
  2. Vendor Meals: It may not be top of mind, but remember to feed the people that are working so hard to make your day perfect! While you’ll likely give your final guest count to your caterer within two weeks of your big day, don’t forget to include the number of vendors you’ll have so the caterer can prepare meals for them as well. Vendors include everyone form band members to photographers, make-up artists and your wedding planner.
  3. Party Favors: No, favors are not mandatory but they are certainly a nice touch that your guests will appreciate. When thinking about your parting gift, consider what you would consider a true “thank you” for coming. Aim to place a bulk order at least two months in advance of your wedding date so thy are one less thing you need to worry about the week leading up to it.
  4. Guest Book: When you’re back from your honeymoon, you’ll be so glad you did this so you can relive the night! Include something for your guests to leave their well wishes for you upon arriving at your reception and be sure to leave it in an obvious location. This is just a part of your wedding as your photographs are, so make sure it’s personal and not just an afterthought. Oh, and don’t forget the pens!
  5. Cake Knife & Toasting Flutes: You might receive these items as gifts at your wedding shower, opt to purchase your own set or use ones that have been handed down to your by your parents or family members. When gathering your items to be placed at the reception, be sure to back your cake knife & toasting flutes! This adds another personal and memorably element to your special day.
  6. Chargers: Can you imagine the amount of pictures you and your guests will be taking? In today’s day and age, most people will be taking photos on their phones. Pack a number of phone chargers ahead of time to have ready to go in your bridal suite so you and your guests and remember every special moment of the day!
  7. Passport & Identification: If you’re jetting off on your honeymoon right after your wedding, be sure your passport and identification are up to date and packed safely in your carry-on luggage ahead of time.
  8. Thank You Notes: It’s easy to get busy and distracted after a wedding but your thank-you notes are even more important than party favors and should be sent out no later than two months after your big day. Do it in chunks, carve out twenty minutes each day to write these notes so you don’t get overwhelmed. Consider taking a photo the day of your wedding to add as a special reminder.
  9. Enjoy Yourself!

Whether you get “wedding brain” or not, do your best to plan ahead and take care of things ahead of time. Still, the most important thing to remember is that this is your special day and all your guests really want is for you to enjoy yourself!


Image credit: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/10/wedding-to-do_n_3883202.html