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Picking an exceptional wedding caterer can be an expensive cost. Luckily for all you foodie brides and grooms, it doesn’t have to take a toll on your budget!

Consider these benefits of catering local at your wedding to save time and money while keeping your guests satisfied with the food.

Your caterer is right around the corner

Being in close proximity, it’s easier for the caterer to deliver and handle anything that arises immediately. From food preparation to cleanup, local catering companies are right there to make your wedding meals a hit with smooth service.

Fresh Food at your Fingertips

Locally grown ingredients means you and your guests have the opportunity to eat vegetables and fruits at their peak ripeness. You don’t have to worry about produce being affect by decay after being shipped long distances.

Creative Menu Options

If you want to get creative, you have many local options! Northern Colorado offers everything from food trucks to vegan cuisine to classic delis and butcher shops. Check out all kinds of independent caterers so you can create a unique menu your guests will love.

Don’t forget about the drinks, too! Fort Collins is home to some of the best breweries in the country. You can’t miss out on the smaller, new breweries and distilleries as well. Make your bar spectacular along with the food.

Supporting Local Business

By choosing a local caterer, you’re not just receiving fresher foods and professional service. Buying local lets you decrease your wedding’s environmental footprint too – long-distance shipping and chemical treatments are not required!

If you catered local to your wedding or large-scale event, how was your experience? Share you story with us by commenting on our Facebook page!