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Planning an event is equally stressful and rewarding. With over 13 years of experience, our tent, party, and event rental specialists have learned a few tricks of the trade. We’ve created this timeline complete with all the think-ahead steps you need to take to help you enjoy your party as much as your guests. If you have any questions or need some event inspiration, our talented team is here to help!

At Least Three Months Before

 Decide on a Budget: Setting a budget early on is crucial to planning and hosting an event within your means. Of course you want your event to be awesome, but you don’t want to be stressing about how to pay for it months after.

 Set a Date and Time: The earlier you decide on a date, the better! Especially in the summer, our products get booked out months in advance – the same can be said for photographers and DJs. Make a guest list: For a large cocktail party, invite 20 percent more people than you can actually fit. Typically, only 70-80 percent of invitees actually attend.

 Book Your Venue: If you’re not having your party at home, book your space ASAP. If you’re planning an outdoor event, we recommend booking your tent even before sending out invitations to make sure the one you’re looking for is available. To view a list a list of local, preferred vendors, visit flexxproductions.com/preferred-vendors/

 Assemble Your Team: If you’re hosting something bigger than just a few friends, consider hiring a team to help with set up, clean up, passing out drinks, and replenishing food the night of your event. You’ll also want to reserve your DJ and photographer as soon as possible. We have put together a list of local, preferred vendors at flexxproductions.com/preferred-vendors/

At Least 6 Weeks Before

 Decide on a Theme: If you DO want a theme, you’ll need to make, buy or borrow any decorations you may need. FLEXX Productions does have an array of items to help pull your theme together such as chandeliers, a dunk tank and even a red carpet!

 Send Out Invitations: Mail, e-mail or even give your guests a call to let them know about the festivities.

 Plan Your Menu: When it comes to food, you have a few options: for a small party, you can cook yourself or make it a potluck but for a larger event, we usually recommend letting professionals take care of it. Either way, plan the menu with your guests in mind – consider whether you’ll

be offering vegetarian or gluten free options. FLEXX Production rentals include china, glassware and flatware, as well as catering, concession and kitchen equipment.

At Least 4 Weeks Before

 Get Your Food Ready: If you’re ordering food, anything from a full-on buffet to just pizzas and cake, order it well ahead of time. Caterers and restaurants truly appreciate the heads up.

 Get Your Equipment Ready: If you’re renting tables, chairs, linens or any other equipment from FLEXX Productions, don’t wait until the last minute. While we have a wide selection of products, we always want to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. Visit exxproductions.com/event-rental-products/ to view our selection of rentals.

 Get Your Gifts Ready: Plan your party favors a month in advance so you can make sure you have everything you need long before event night rolls around.

1 Week Before

 Finalize Guest List: Take a final tally of your guests, including all plus ones.

 Confirm Party Details: Call your photographer, caterer, entertainment and anyone else you have arrangements with. Make sure they have all the party details and are ready for the event.

 Prepare the Venue (If Possible): If you can, get your party set up before the actual day to alleviate some stress and allow you ample time to make it perfect. If you have to set up the day of, make sure to plan ahead and have everything you need ready to go.

Day of Event

 Finalize Details: Do a final walk through and make sure every detail is in place.

 Have Fun! You’ve worked so hard to make this event perfect for your guests, you deserve to have fun and enjoy your hard work as well!

If there is something important we’re forgetting, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Happy planning!